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Boombox on the Jobsite – Bosch PB360S Power Box

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Boombox Sound System: Bosch’s Jobsite Radio

Boombox music for the worksite is an essential part of the working environment for many professionals. And there are jobsite radios made specifically to stand up to the harsh surroundings that many construction sites dish out.

The jobsite radio or worksite portable sound system category is now one where, instead of the old portable CD player, users are able to get durable with pumped up sounds connected to their MP3 players or phones for stored music or internet radio. And according to the reviewers in the field, none is tougher or sounds better than the cordless, portable Bosch PB360S Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger.

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Boombox for the Job: Some More Input

The review blog Jobsite Radio Reviews was impressed with the connectivity and runtime of the PB360S: Aside from the 30 preset AM and FM radio stations you can input your tunes through the two Aux inputs from your phone, mp3 player, satellite radio (deluxe version only), CD players, tape decks or whatever else you can come up with. One of these Aux inputs is also an output so that you can run a feed to additional speakers if so desired. “One of the most asked questions is how long the Bosch radio will run on a single fully charged 18v battery. For the base model (PB360S) this can vary from about 2-1/2 hours with the volume set to near maximum to 6 or 7 hours indoors with the volume at about 1/3. Of course it stands to reason that if you are using the Bosch PB360D outdoors at full volume you can expect less run time as it is putting out nearly double the volume. Overall the Bosch PB360D (Deluxe) and Bosch PB360S (Standard) are rugged, well designed jobsite radios with awesome sound quality.”

Boombox Battling the Conditions

And at CopTool, Jay Amstutz was able to test the cordless construction radio in nasty weather.

The day couldn’t have been a better single day testing ground; not only did we get some continuous rain for the first hour or so but the Power Box also took an unexpected spill off the refreshment cooler. Didn’t even skip a beat, literally, just picked it up and put it back on top and didn’t worry about a thing. On a real jobsite these are the types of dings you would expect everyday in addition to saw dust, drywall particles, getting thrown in the back of a truck with tools and materials piled on top.

And the Call Is: All Around Great Jobsite Radio: The performance on this radio is really impressive in so many different ways. First I was impressed at the World of Concrete by the toughness of taking a dozen or so drops on pavement. Then when I got my hands on it I was impressed by the forward thinking, on digital music options.
With four-way speakers and subwoofer, a moisture and dust-resistant IP rating of 54, an aluminum and rubber roll cage, advanced digital tuning and many other features, the PB360S Power Box jobsite radio can make your work area (not to mention your barbecue, picnic or tailgate) a more musical place.

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Boombox on the Jobsite – Bosch PB360S Power Box

ToolGuyd reviewed the Bosch PB360S Power Box and highly recommended it. “Bosch’s Power Box 360 looks good, sounds great, and challenges you to drop it down the stairs while you throw dust and water at it. We highly recommend it!”

ToolGuyd went on to say: “Bosch’s Power Box 360 totally rocks! The sound was very impressive for a jobsite radio, but its subwoofer was slightly disappointing given my enormously high expectations. Bosch provided enough independent audio connections that anyone could have asked for, and all worked effortlessly.

The new Power Box 360 features four speakers and a subwoofer, modern media connectivity options, and quite a few snazzy features. While that sounds great on paper, how does the Power Box 360 perform? In short, it’s FANTASTIC!”
And the Bosch PB360S is big on the East Coast. Reviewed by A Concord Carpenter, Robert Robillard said, “I was impressed with the Bosch Power Box 360 and highly recommend it. I really liked the 360 degree sound quality and versatile power and charging functionality. The Bosch Power Box 360 was built like a tank and will no doubt provide any contractor, D-I-Yer or homeowner a versatile, completely functional power station and radio all-in-one!

Rubber bumpers suspend the radio inside the protective roll cage. The Power Box 360 is isolated from the shocks and impacts encountered on the job site. The Bosch Power Box 360 comes with a top handle but the roll cage functions well as a handle on any of the six sides. Everything about the housing and roll cage looks well made and rugged.”

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