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Boombox on the Jobsite – Bosch PB360S Power Box

Boombox Sound System: Bosch's Jobsite RadioBoombox music for the worksite is an essential part of the working environment for many professionals. And there are jobsite radios made specifically to stand up to the harsh surroundings that many construction sites dish o ...

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Bosch BITURBO Mitre Saw | GCM 18V-216

Powerful and compact, the new BITURBO mitre saw from Bosch is part of the new Bosch BITURBO range. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, the new Bosch mitre saw is a fantastic choice wherever you are working. With comparable power of an 1600 watt corded machine. Thi ...


Picking The Right Bosch Battery To Meet Your Needs

When buying your cordless Bosch Professional power tools, choosing the type of battery that the tool uses is almost as important as the choice of tool itself. Read our helpful Buying Guide on choosing the right Bosch battery to suit your needs. Find the Bosch battery you need Kn ...


Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer

When it comes to concrete Bosch is one of the frontrunners in this area.  When you talk with anyone doing demolition work, they can tell you a story about their Bosch.  Here's one.  When I worked during the Chicago flood, we had to go into the sub-basemen ...

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How to make your power tool batteries last longer

Follow these simple tricks to make the lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries in your cordless tools last longer so you get the most out of your investment. 1. When should I charge? Charge your batteries when you notice a decrease in performance of your tool. Modern Lithium Ion batteri ...

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12V Max Heated Jacket – Size XL

The PSJ120 12 V Max heated jacket is a high quality rain and wind resistant work jacket conveniently powered by the Bosch 12 V Max power tool battery system. Featuring three simple push-button heat settings - high, medium and low - the PSJ120 starts warming in seconds and is the ...

Bosch Toolbox App

The BOSCH TOOLBOX is a new and innovative collection of digital tools for tradesmen and other professionals. Download the digital toolbox now - totally free with no ads.Bosch Toolbox is for tradespeople working in the construction industry, as electricians, in gardening & lan ...

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