Send yourBOSCHtools to service

Sending and delivery of tools to service with our transport service are completely FREE! All you have to do is fill out the application form, below.


By filling in the form you sign up for our courier to arrive at your address. After sending the shipment order, our delivery service will contact you to confirm the order.


After confirmation of the sending, at the agreed time, expect our courier to whom you can submit your tool to the service.


We will fix the malfunction and install the replacement parts. We will make an invoice and notify you when the service is completed.


We will deliver a serviced tool to your address for the input form, at the agreed time. After delivery, you can perform the payment.

Form for sending the tools

    For all shipments, Bosch Service is responsible for the cost of the courier service, as well as for all the tools that are in the warranty period. Orders up to 12 hours are processed on the same day, while all orders that arrive after 12 hours are taken the next day.

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